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WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Day Rad

March 1st, 2017 at 2:06am

My go-to for any rainy day is, of course, my favorite pair of rain boots topped with a cute raincoat. However, on those dreadful days trekking to class in the pouring rain, I can’t help but notice my fellow male classmates running around in cloth hoodies and sweatpants and then sitting in class soaked for 50 minutes. For a true Fashionisto, a rainy day is simply the perfect opportunity for a fun spring look.

The rainy season is just around the corner. Walking to class is all fun and games until mother nature tries to ruin a good outfit day. This Fashionisto’s look on the first gloomy day of the semester stood out to me immediately. He decided to throw on a pair of light-washed, distressed jeans, which are the perfect pair of pants for the spring, along with a bright mustard colored hoodie. He accompanied the oversize hoodie with the perfect rainy day piece—a windbreaker. The dark and light contrast from the yellow and navy complement each other in a way that pulls the whole look together.

To top (or bottom) the entire look off, this Fashionisto added a pair of cream, waterproof, high-top boots. These are personally my favorite part of this look, and not just because shoes are my favorite part of every outfit. Not only are these absolutely perfect for a rainy day, but they can dress up any casual “on-the-go” look. I commend this Fashionisto for turning a simple hoodie and jeans into a RAD spring look, perfect for any rainy day! With just a few simple pieces and a little sense of style, you can always find the perfect look, even if you are just heading to class.