July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings Fashionistas/os! Hope you are all having a splendid week so far!

This week we have a Fashionista, who is also a close friend of mine, wearing none other than the dark denim jacket! Now, this look follows what I mentioned before in my previous article, about how jean themed jackets is a fusion of trendy and casual. Therefore, this outfit is perfect for—you guessed it—a rainy day at the library. I adore libraries because I can always sense a feel of home whenever I go. In addition, I can also easily stay there for hours wandering through the treasure of novels, articles, etc. It is especially fabulous when it is raining as there is a comfortable feeling that arises with the sound of rain splatters against the window, while being deeply invested in an interesting book.

This Fashionista effortlessly put together a look that is perfect for the library because not only is the look easy to wear and comfortable, but also creates the vibe of “care free”. The Fashionista admires libraries as well and believes that denim jackets make her feel even more confident and relaxed at the same time. Please note how the bright red nails instantly add a pop of color to the entire look, and I feel this is perfect for the gloomy day as well. Furthermore, the classy black flats add a hint of elegance and look very comfortable for the library atmosphere.

One Simple Change: As I have said before, this look can successfully be used in any occasion. Another example includes wearing the look during exam time especially on finals week. One does not know what the temperature will be in their respective room, so the denim jacket provides that easy warmth. This outfit will not only make one look put together during a stressful time, but also look comfortable while taking the exams as well.