WHAT TO WEAR: Professionally Polished

One great thing about college is that there is no dress code. After long years of hiding your shoulders and measuring where your fingertips end, you can finally be free to show off your wardrobe that’s never been seen in a school setting before. You have the opportunity to truly express your personality. For some individuals, however, this freedom is short lived. As an education major, there comes a time where you have to participate inside a classroom. It goes right back to dress code in that setting, if not one that’s more strict because you have to be a professional role model for the students to follow. Even with these rules set in place there is no reason to disregard a cute tank top or a fun pair of shoes in your closet. Not only can these tips be used for internship attire, they can also be applied to dates, for a presentation, interview or meeting.

Sweaters and light jackets are going to be your best friend. Neutral colors and denim are a great investment because they already go with everything in your closet. Throwing them over any T-shirt (even tank tops because your shoulders will be covered) keeps it modest and professional. For this outfit, my model Mel chose a denim jacket to give the outfit a masculine structure to balance the femininity that is already present. Underneath the jacket she paired it with a white, crochet halter top to keep it simple so the bib necklace can be the center of attention with its bold color. This contrasts with the basic black and white of the other pieces.

Maxi skirts and dresses are always a go to pick if you’re looking to dress professionally, yet still feminine. Choosing a floor length skirt elongates the legs and gives the Fashionista a more polished look for a work place environment. Mel wore her lace-up sandals with a heel for added height. However, for colder climates or occasions you may need closed toed shoes–you could always swap out the sandals for a cute pair of booties.