WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

You’ve been practicing your speech for weeks. The nights approaching the day of the presentation are filled with reciting off note cards and drilling the sequence of key points into your tired head. Waking up bright and early the day of the speech and you realize you are incredibly nervous.

Confidence is key when it comes to presenting. In a time when everyone in your class, from a ten-person discussion to a three hundred-person lecture, is looking at you, there is pressure to excel and perform to the best of your ability. Waking up early, eating a good breakfast, and dressing confidently are some of the best ways to kill your presentation. When you are confident and feel good, you perform well.

This Fashionista took this ideology and ran with it. Cornell University, along with the northeast, is experience an Indian summer. This day was a sunny, clear day with a high of seventy-one, and she took advantage of it. Pairing the ever fashionable tall riding boots with a cute light summer dress with decorative neckline eyelets, this Fashionista knew it was important to layer. Her bright white cardigan adds the sense of autumn into her outfit. Accessorizing to perfection, she brought the brown shade up from her boots into her outfit with a brown belt. Sticking with browns, her coppery gold jewelry, layered as well, balances out the lower neckline of the dress. Natural hair and just enough makeup, this Fashionista is on her way to feeling confident and killing any presentation that stands in her way.

One Simple Change: Your area not experiencing this Indian summer? By pairing the same summer dress with tights and a scarf, with a heavier jacket, you can bring the same confidence to a presentation without freezing on your walk to class.