WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

November 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

Having recently pushed past the halfway mark, we can feel the end of the semester fast approaching. The row of hurdles leading to the finish line likely include a few projects and presentations. What to wear for those days can be a game of twenty questions; does this look somewhat professional? Will I be comfortable on the bus/walking to class? Is this too much or not enough? The answers lie in those fabulous words “business casual.” Class presentations, unless specified otherwise, are a great time to use the essentials of business casual wear. You’ll still look more professional than usual without going full steam ahead in the suit section or emptying out your wallet.

Presentations aren’t as formal as, say, an interview might be. You don’t have to don a black jacket with matching bottoms and worry about the traditional guidelines. If you’re going to speak in front of your peers don’t you want to feel confident and maybe a little fun? YES!

This Fashionisto knows how to walk in and work his five minutes of fame (or graded class speech, whatever). He’s sportin’ a pair of comfortable, well-fitted khakis, a very nice blazer and a button-up. Then he added his own flare with a great pair of suspenders, a striped bow tie and a fantastic pair of shoes (which I could tell he LOVED). He probably could have left it with the basics, but his little additions boosted his confidence and fun factor. When you love what you’re wearing, it shows! So start with some business casual wear and then add your extra ingredients to serve up a delectable presentation.

One Simple Change: Hitting a job fair or interview after your presentation? Elevate the business part, keep the confidence and ditch the casual.  Swap out the khakis for the suit pants/suit skirt that matches your jacket and go get ’em tiger!