WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

The semester is coming to a close and students are doing whatever it takes to make their final grade nothing short of perfection. Finals are here and professors are handing out extra credit points in as many ways as possible. But being the “drained from a summer full of work” college students that we are, does not mean that we have to let it show in our appearance. This Fashionisto, who looks ready for his first day on the sets of Grease, has obviously not lost sight of his personal style during the finals week drag.

Rocking everything H&M, this Fashionisto is bringing a preppy west coast vibe to the rural parts of South Florida. The monochromatic look from his pants beige chinos and casual hard bottom shoes are what originally attracted my eye. They boost the simplicity of the look and beige is an easy and neutral color that any pattern can be well matched with. Choosing a white button-up next as his first layer was another smart choice. Final presentations should place the shine on your work; the outfit you wear is just an accessory to add the cherry on top. Finishing the look with a striped blue and white crew neck sweater sealed in the look of professionalism. This Fashionisto is sure to have made the grade.

One Simple Change: Is class officially over and you are ready for a celebration? No problem, that look can be achieved easily. Simply change your plain white button up to a patterned button-up that reflects well off of your striped sweater. Add a skinny belt and some shades and the town wont be ready for you!