WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Final projects: almost better than studying, yet 10 times the amount of work. Many fear presentations that accompany the final result, yet once it is finished, pride fills you up. What is the best way to get that extra little boost of confidence everyone needs during finals week? The answer is a comfortable outfit.

From running between the libraries to your dorm, to office hours and presentation ceremonies, sneakers or comfortable shoes are a necessity when it comes to studying and the amount of walking that is required. Converse, as seen on this hardworking Fashionista, are a timeless classic. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, Converse will always be a recommendation of mine to any busy Fashionista.

Jeans are an appropriate article of clothing to wear when it comes to the springtime temperatures, changing rapidly from cool to warm, sunny to rainy. Dark wash jeans, as worn by this Fashionista, have a more professional feel, elongating the body and thinning the legs. With that, a perfect dark blouse exemplifies calm, cool and collected, exactly what everyone wants to their audience to think about them. This sleeveless blouse silhouette is also perfect for layering, a necessity in the springtime.

Not too flashy, this outfit will neither detract from your presentation, nor represent you in an unprofessional manner. This Fashionista understood the necessity of professionalism when it comes to final presentations and looking put together, even when you may not be.

One Simple Change: Plan on going to the date after your presentation? The love life doesn’t stop just because it’s finals week! Throw on a loose maxi skirt for extreme comfort and a causal feel. Look great without looking like you tried too hard!