WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, full of papers, projects and cramming for finals. So in the midst of all this stress, when you have to stand in front of your entire class, what is a Fashionista to do? How are you supposed to find the time to put together a presentable outfit, let alone something nice enough to face the class for a lengthy presentation? Have no fear, I am here to tell you that this task is not as difficult as it may seem. You can put together something simple and cute and feel good while easing a bit of that built up stress.

This Fashionista has the perfect look for a presentation. From class to a new proposal at work, her monochromatic look is the ideal statement. The dressy black and white polka-dot tank top adds the perfect amount of class, while still being a great option for spring. If the monochrome look isn’t your thing, then opt for a bright colored top to add some spring fever to your look. Her slightly destroyed black jeans show that she can have fun with her work, rather than come off as overly professional. Finally, the black booties add some sophistication to the look. The small heel of her boots help to dress up the look, while also elongating her legs and balancing the flowing top and tight jeans.

She completed her ensemble with some perfectly selected accessories. To start, she layered some gold necklaces for some dimension in the look. Adding a variety of rings and some bracelets shows a needed attention to detail. Completing the look, this Fashionista chose a black and white color blocked kate spade new york tote.

So, when you need some inspiration for your upcoming final presentation, look no further than this Fashionsta’s outfit. A monochromatic look is always a go-to for a classy look, and then you can accessorize in any way you would like. By incorporating these ideas into your look, you’re sure to ace the presentation while acing the style game.

One Simple Change: If you want to dress up your look a bit, throw on a black blazer for an even more sophisticated ensemble. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to make the look a bit edgier, grab a leather jacket and head out for a night on the town with the girls!