WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

I find it admirable when I see someone dressed exceptionally well for a day of classes. I think it really says something about a person’s character when they know their day is going to be filled with classes and unpredictable Florida weather, yet they still care enough to take the extra time and effort to look presentable.

Speaking of looking presentable, this Fashionisto’s attire is absolutely perfect for a presentation. College can contain a lot of group project presentations as well as numerous solo presentations, and dressing well for the occasion shows your professor and peers that you’re professional and that you should be taken seriously. That is why oftentimes, dressing well garners respect from others. I can imagine this Fashionisto confidently commandeering any room in this polished look.

This Fashionisto looked extra stylish in this layered getup. I like how he mixed prints flawlessly and chose to wear one noticeable stripe print on his button-down shirt with a subtle plaid print on his vest. He paired these with navy pants. I especially love his accessories: camel-colored slip-ons, a watch and a belt. Each piece definitely adds some personal flair to his ensemble which is something no one should leave their house without.

When I saw this Fashionisto in particular, I paused for a minute because I was so pleasantly surprised to see someone looking so refined. I mean he is even wearing a tie! In the prevalent sea of students wearing Nike shorts, oversized T-shirts and the like in latest laidback Floridian fashions, it was really refreshing to see this Fashionisto strolling on by. I could tell that wherever he was headed to, he was dressed for success.

One Simple Change: Did you decide to go to a concert with some friends after your big presentation? Swap the navy pants for a pair of jeans and you will be able to embrace the mullet-inspired style of business on the top and party on the bottom.