WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

May 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

With finals approaching, it seems as though professors are pilling on the homework. You might have a project or presentation due tomorrow and have no idea what to wear. So what do you wear? You want to stray away from your typical laid back look for normal class, and impress your professor. Who knows? You might get a few extra points for attire!

First thing’s first, you want to wear something comfortable. Presenting in front of your class is already nerve wracking so you may want to choose something loose and flowy. Fashionistas might choose to wear an appropriate length shift dress, while Fashionistos might choose to wear their favorite pair of dress pants and a button-down. Either way, choose comfort first when it comes to your presentation day attire. Secondly, you want to choose something dressy, but not too dressy. Not all professors require their students to be in a suit from head to toe and not many people want to wear a suit to class. I would recommend modeling your look after something you would wear to a nice family gathering or a church event.

This Fashionisto found his comfort and dress appeal with his presentation day look. He chose a simple green button-down polo and a pair of black khaki shorts. On his feet is a great pair of dress shoes. Instead of wearing your favorite Nikes, a nice pair of dress shoes can always spruce up your look. On the other hand, your favorite polo button-down is always a go-to for Fashionistos looking to dress up a little as well. Pair your favorite khakis or dress pants and there you have it! Your presentation day outfit is completed.

One Simple Change: It might be a little chilly on your date tonight so throw on a pair of blue jeans to stay warm.