WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

April 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

I am fairly certain that college students do not look forward to presentations or enjoy them. They are awkward, and people are half paying attention to you. Lastly, they are unnecessarily stressful. For presentations, opt for colors that are not too bright and forgo prints. His light blue shirt is the ideal color for a presentation since it is not too bold and distracting. For a presentation, looking professional, put together but not over the top is required—and this Fashionisto does it perfectly with a business casual outfit and confidence.

This Fashionisto dons a blue long sleeve shirt, lightweight khaki pants and tan street shoes, ideal for a class presentation. His shirt is a great choice as a collared shirt might have looked too stiff and dressy for the classroom setting. Furthermore, light blue is a cheerful color—an easy way to calm down and combat pre-presentation nerves. You can get a similar Ralph Lauren shirt here or here. Lastly, he finishes his look with his Warrior Coxswain boat shoes to keep his outfit professional, while still looking like a college student.

This Fashionisto creates a business casual presentation outfit, and he does not look like he is trying too hard. Take notes, guys; this is an easy outfit to mimic for future presentations or situations the require a dressier outfit.

One Simple Change: Done with the presentation and want to meet up with friends after to de-stress? Simply switch out the khaki pants for some dark jeans, and you’re ready to go!