WHAT TO WEAR: Preppy and Peppy

Preppy doesn’t always have to mean pastels. In Michigan, April showers are the real deal, and blue skies will be hiding in the clouds until May. You find yourself looking for a balance between something relaxed for the classroom but warm enough to pair with your parka.

Grabbing a longer sweater can add some flare to any look. It may be soft, but it means business! This Fashionista chose a cream cable knit cardigan over a plain black top. Cable knit sweaters come in a variety of colors and patterns. For a more trendy look, go for the larger chords, but for a more subtle approach, you can go smaller.

For pants, sweats are never out of the question, and they don’t always have to be baggy. A pair of dark green high-waisted joggers can keep you comfortable, and more importantly, warm! Joggers have been stepping into the spotlight this season and becoming more unique. The high-waisted look compared to an everyday pair gives the whole outfit a new edge.

When it comes to shoes, a great go-to is always a pair of black boots. Short booties with a chunky heel are just enough to dress up your outfit for class without sacrificing your comfort. Longer commutes call for wider heels.

Last but not least are the accessories. Chokers have finally made their comeback and are here to stay. From velvet to this Fashionista’s charmed choker, there are a variety to choose from.

And there you have it! Despite those April showers, there’s always a way to look preppy and stay peppy.