WHAT TO WEAR: Plunging Into a Night Out

Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet not knowing what to wear? Here’s an easy guide for an awesome going-out outfit (and it’s honestly as easy as one, two, three!) There are three basic tips for a cool going out outfit: detailed shoes, adding accessories, and wearing a basic outfit with a statement piece.

First, let’s start with the base! Whether you are going out to dinner, going to a bar, going dancing, or simply hanging out with friends, the most important fashion tip is to be comfortable! However, make sure that comfortable outfit is cute. A good tip is to wear solid colored pieces, such as black ripped jeans, and a black plunging V-neck shirt. These pieces are easy to wear, however, much cuter than your average basics. The shirt this Fashionista wears is absolutely stunning and perfect for a night out because its low cut and string detailing make it fun, but at the same time, the black keeps it classy. Here’s a good what-to-wear tip: add a statement jacket over any basic, dark, or casual outfit. This silver faux leather jacket will shine all night long!

And because a statement jacket just might not be enough pizzazz for a night out, make sure to add tons of cool jewelry. This Fashionista pairs her look with lots of detailed and delicate pieces. She mixes and matches different pieces to create a look that looks effortless, yet fun. All of her jewelry is Salinas, which is a sophisticated, Brazilian-designed jewelry company.

Finally, no going-out look is complete without a pair of unique shoes! Make sure to swap out your regular sneakers, booties, or shoes for a pair that has extra sparkle, color, or a unique shape. These booties are perfect for a night out because of their unique shape, thin heels, and studs.

Now, next time you want to go out, don’t stress about your outfit. With these three easy to follow tips, any outfit can be transformed into a show-stopping look.