WHAT TO WEAR: Photo Shoot in the Fall

Finding and making a photoshoot whenever possible is this Fashionisto’s forté. He has been practicing photography for eight years and sees war photography as a career path he may pursue in the future after he graduates from Ryerson University in Toronto.

His love for photography started when he was in the seventh grade but forgot about it until he took a photography course at Seneca College in Toronto when he was 21 years old. Then again, when he was 25 years old, he went to Barcelona in Spain where he met some friends who enjoyed photography and saw that people could make a living out of it. Now he is a freelance photographer shooting anything from portraits, urban landscapes, abandoned explorations and weddings.

Not only is photography important to this Fashionisto, he also said looking professional with a mix of casual when meeting models or clients is how he likes to present himself. He said going to a meeting with a complete suit will make people feel the photo shoot is only business.

What he wears to a meeting and a photo shoot is similar. For a top he will wear a long-sleeve maroon polo shirt, a green sweater vest on top of that and then finally a dark gray blazer to finish layering. For bottoms he wears jeans to keep it casual. Personally, I like the dark, moody color choices for fall. This look will keep anyone warm, chic and professional. He said that he finds if the photographer is keen on fashion like the model or client then they will like the photographer more and trust his or her judgement. That’s why this Fashionisto’s look works when he’s working.

Shoes are also a crucial factor into what a photographer will wear to a photoshoot in order to be comfortable. He chooses to wear Converse on his feet for this reason with an added touch of fashionable. Then there is a bonus of personality by wearing creative socks. The socks that he is wearing gives some interesting detail to his outfit that draws attention.

This is just one way of dressing comfortable yet professional. The blazer, tops, and bottoms can be easily changed for a slightly different look. The most important thing for what to wear, whether you’re the model or the photographer, always wear your best shoes for style and comfort.