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WHAT TO WEAR: Perfectly Patterned

WHAT TO WEAR: Perfectly Patterned

Mixing patterns—one of the more bold and risky moves to take in fashion. If you do it right, layering patterns can make a real statement! You will never have a dull day throwing on a striped button-down and a floral leather jacket. I promise! Don’t forget the distressed high- waisted Levi jeans with a fringed ankle and the perfect black western bootie with a single buckle. I have been told that layering patterns is my specialty. My two favorite patterns are cheetah print and stars. I sometimes even wear them at the same time! So, I got together with this Fashionista to talk about our favorite patterns and the how you should layer them.

Surprisingly, her blue striped button-down is highly versatile. When layering it with her stunning Blank NYC leather jacket, the stripes fade into the background. In Boulder, CO, this is a trend that we see a lot of, but I don’t believe everyone is doing it right. Too many patterns can give you a headache, but the way that this Fashionista is incorporating colors with patterns is done just right! You want there to be more to look at, rather than wanting to look away.

Her Levi, blue washed jeans are incredibly flattering and are the calming piece for the textures and patterns. You don’t really notice how wonderful these jeans are because of what is going on up top—but this is what is important. To stay away from the dizziness, the jeans are the most crucial piece. Having a solid color on the bottom allows the top to make a statement.

Something else that is very important in her outfit is the shoes. They have a western vibe, and it is okay to mix western with edge. The best part of these cowboy inspired booties is that they take every outfit escalated even further. While mixing patterns, take it to the next risk and mix a style!

Lastly, you don’t want to over accessorize. She is wearing a subtle amount of jewelry—all sparkling diamonds to help lighten up the black. Her necklaces and rings fit perfectly with finding the balance to this outfit.

Truth or dare? Dare and mix patterns (it’s fun)!