WHAT TO WEAR: Perfect Transition from Summer to Fall

Going to school in upstate New York can be difficult when it starts to get towards the end of September. The weather starts to fluctuate a lot during the day and day by day. The outfit that I am sharing with you all today is what to wear when transitioning from summer to fall.

When you are dressing for that in between weather which is usually 60-75, you want to first start off by wearing layers. It might be very chilly when you are headed to class in the morning, but towards the afternoon it gets a little warmer. You want your outfit to be adjustable just in case of a change in temperature. Dressing in layers will also save you time during your day because you won’t have to keep running back to your dorm room to change outfits.

Another tip I have for the perfect transitional outfit is wearing either workout leggings or jeggings as pants. When the weather starts transitioning to fall you don’t want to be wearing shorts because you never know when the wind will pick up and you will be freezing. Going for leggings or jeggings will give you a bottom that gives you protection with the length, but isn’t too hot because these two pieces are rather thin.

In the outfit I am sharing with you guys today, you can see that my Fashionista is wearing an army green jacket on top of a gray long sleeve, paired with a Victoria’s Secret PINK workout legging and combat boots.