WHAT TO WEAR: Perfect for Fall

In terms of fashion, fall is easily my favorite season in Illinois. It’s not quite cold enough that you need a coat, but you can still wear jackets and sweaters to retain at least a little body heat. Soon, iced tea afternoons will give way to hot chocolate evenings. Instead of sitting on the quad or enjoying a leisurely stroll across campus, I’ll be camping out inside in probably three layers of clothes and trying to power walk from one building to the next, happy that there’s snow on the ground but loathing the fact that I have to potentially deal with temps below zero and a wind chill on top of them. I have a very strong love-hate relationship with Illinois winters, if you can’t already tell.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to really embrace this fall and try to notice everyone’s individual style in my favorite time for fashion. One of my favorite go-to fall looks is a simple sweater or long-cut shirt and a pair of leggings. Throw in a scarf or a flannel shirt to tie around your waist, if the outfit calls for it, and voila! With that said, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I loved this Fashionista’s outfit and why. It literally embodies every quality of fall fashion that I love most.

This Fashionista’s look includes a pair of black leggings and a sweater perfect for fall. Adding a neutral to the outfit in shoes is always a nice touch, as well as a pop of color for the lip. It’s a fantastic look for a variety of fall activities, like visiting a local apple orchard or sitting outside a coffee shop with a good book. As I’ve said in articles before, I’m a sucker for a nice and simple look, and this is one of them. While I may love a Fashionista or Fashionisto who can work a lot of accessories, I certainly am not one of them, so I appreciate looks that focus more on the garments than anything else. If you’re stuck trying to decide what to wear today, you can never go wrong with a look that’s this perfect for fall.