WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

December 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Christmas is here! And 2016 is around the corner too! Those are two really good reasons to be happy, to eat delicious food, to spend some good times with your loved ones and, of course, to look fantastic. December is the greatest month of the year to have a good time with your parents after all the stress college finals gave you and maybe you haven’t seen your parents in awhile, so let’s get a great outfit and have an amazing weekend with your parents!

This look is pretty easy to get and it works for every weather; I mean, if it’s too cold of course you have to wear something warm, I think a leather jacket would give it a cute rebel look and a coat would make it a little bit more elegant and a little preppy, which is totally cute. Now, if the weather is too hot you can replace the boots (and the socks, obviously) with a pair of high heel sandals. If you want to get this look, all you have to get is a mini skirt, a translucent blouse (well, it doesn’t have to be a translucent one, I just think it gives this look a sexy touch), high knee socks, a cute pair of boots and let’s not forget the accessories! Accessories are always important. If you asked me what I love about this look and what makes it special, I would tell you that the look is girly,with a rebellious sexy air, but at the same time, is totally cute and preppy.

One Simple Change: Let’s make this outfit a little bit more fun! Maybe this look is a little too black and white so you can add some color with a cool printed top or even better an amazing dramatic jacket!