WHAT TO WEAR: One Outfit for Infinite Occasions

We all have those days that seem to never end: bouncing from one activity to another and definitely not having time to change. That’s why it’s so important to create outfits that you can wear to class, to meetings, to the library, and to dinner. For your next busy day, consider these tips to make the perfect versatile look.
First of all, ripped jeans are perfect for almost any occasion. During the day, they can dress down an outfit while at night they can give your outfit a little more edge. Try some cute, dark, skinny jeans, like the ones this Fashionista is wearing.
Next, pick shoes in which you’ll be comfortable, but can also make a statement. These maroon velvet sneakers are not only practical, but also brighten up the outfit and give it a pop of color. These are also convenient because if you need to, you can just slip them off and put on a pair of heels.
Finally, the jacket is one of the most important pieces of this look. Try to pick one that is simple enough to be appropriate during the day, yet fancy enough to add some sophistication and chicness at night. This fur jacket is a perfect example. Black is always a good way to make a piece blend into an outfit, while also ensuring that it will be formal enough at night. A leather or suede jacket pair nicely with an outfit like this as well.
I hope these tips help make your busiest days a little easier!