Help! It's Raining and I Really Don't Want To Get Dressed But Have To

When the weather app on my phone tells me it’s going to be raining on and off all day, I get a little frustrated (and, tbh, debate staying in bed all day). Who wants to get dressed for the rain? No one, I tell you; that’s who.

Given that skipping all of my classes and general life responsibilities on account of rain isn’t exactly practical or “responsible,” I am forced to face to the dilemma head on. If I am required to leave the house for the enumerated reasons above, I want to look half-way decent despite the weather. That means not having to resort to a pair of rain boots and sweats.

(Photo via @sennialinabloom)

A rainy day calls for a well thought out look. When I need some quick outfit inspiration, I turn to Instagram for some cool outfits and ideas of what I can add to my wardrobe. This week, I took to Instagram to see what fellow Style Gurus are wearing this rainy season.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits for you to try this spring, just add an umbrella!

(Photo via Maddy Haller)

Running To Class—Waking up in the morning for school, I’m looking for something I can just grab and go. This Style Guru’s heavy embroidered denim jacket and flowy dress are something quick and casual enough to wear to classes without people asking you why you’re all dressed up.

(Photo via @queenhalpal)

Something Simple- The easiest piece to add to an outfit to complete it is a pair of overalls. No matter what the occasion, this look will always be effortless. Plus the cropped length is great for avoiding soggy pant legs when you invariably step in a puddle. This Style Guru got it right by combining overalls and a black turtleneck to keep warm on some of April’s most brisk and cloudy days.

(Photo via @rachelbradney)

A Go-To Uniform—This all black look will always be in and work no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. A trusty pair of black boots beats a pair of galoshes any day, and you can add a colorful hooded jacket for extra warmth.

(Photo via @sarahmaybe_)

Street-Style Chic—This outfit is the perfect look for hanging out with your friends on a day at the market for a nice brunch and coffee. And you know the feeling when the rain makes your white T a bit see through? Get ahead of it by wearing the bralette over your T-shirt. Add a pair of shoes like some little black booties and you have yourself a look for a day on the town.

(Photo via @kristendudding)

Back-to-back Interviews—This outfit gave me inspiration for what I’ll need to wear on a day running around town to meet with professionals. Even on a rainy day, this Style Guru’s sneakers are going to work while jotting around the city. A pair of colorful pants are also perfect for Spring, while also looking professional paired with a simple white oxford top.

What are you wearing in April’s up and down weather? Let us know in the #StyleGuruLove tag on Instagram!