If you are a northerner at a school in the south like me, you are probably starting to feel the cold that you had left behind. I am discovering the challenges of finding the perfect outfit for my 8 A.M. class when it is 45 degrees out and my 1 P.M/ class when it warms up to 70 degrees. The obvious choice is layering but I like to try mixing textures and transitional pieces like short sleeve knits, cropped jeans, sneakers and light jackets.

I saw this Fashionista in class and loved how perfect this outfit was for temperamental weather. This cropped knit is perfect for fall, especially with the fringe detail and emerald shade. Her rolled jeans show off the mixed texture espadrille slides which add an unexpected element to the outfit. I also like how she kept the accessories light with only a simple gold pendant necklace and stud earrings to let the sweater stand out.

This outfit is an easy way to look cute and cozy for class. I really like how this ensemble plays with different textures. The chunky knit, fringe, snakeskin and perforated details are all mixed together and make this look interesting and unique. Playing with textures is another great way to elevate your style during the fall. Try layering mixed textures or prints this season to upgrade your look and give new life to other pieces in your closet.

If you really want to take your fall fashion to the next level like this Fashionista, try autumn hues on your nails. Fall is the perfect time to play with new trends so go out there and keep up the RAD looks!