WHAT TO WEAR: Museum Hopping

When I saw this Fashionista on campus, I knew I had to ask where she was headed. There was no way she looked this cute just to be headed to the dining hall! It turns out she was on her way to the Museum of Fine Arts. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best art museums in the world, housing everything from ancient Egyptian pieces to the finest and most revolutionary contemporary art. It’s an amazing place to spend hours just staring and staring at the most important and beautiful pieces of art from all over the world and from all time periods. We are so lucky to have access to such an important cultural monument here in Boston.

What makes this Fashionista’s outfit so great for a trip to the museum is that it focuses on comfort, but it doesn’t give up style. Her boots and her leggings are perfect for walking around and looking at impressionist paintings and the work of Frida Kahlo. Her boots are sturdy and perfectly worn in, and her leggings won’t cause any discomfort throughout the day. But the top half of this Fashionista’s outfit adds a chicness that fits perfectly into the fancy museum atmosphere; the high-necked top and structured, moto jacket are perfectly on trend. I also really loved the accessories this Fashionista chose, especially her rings. They add such an artsy touch to a simple outfit. They’re perfect for fitting right in with the cultured scene who frequent museums.