WHAT TO WEAR: Midwestern Grown

As the fall season has approached us in the Midwest, it is now time for us to add our fall favorites to the front of our closet. October is usually still a month of warm weather along with pretty fall colors and scenic views to scavenger for. All of the leaves start to turn bright colors and the grass is glowing green.

In this particular outfit, I love that here in Iowa we can still have our shorts in-hand, but are able to pair them with a sweater or light T-shirt, as it is just the right amount of warmth. The days are still humid, but the nights being more chilly. October is always my favorite month to pull out the fleece blankets and wrap myself up next to a bonfire. The dual-colored sweater allows for greater eye-appeal and pairs great with a solid pair of shorts. The interchanging stripes of charcoal and light grey compliment each other very well in this sweater. The shirt is paired with a lighter grayish/blue short to balance out the dark and light colors in this outfit. With the use of the white slip-on shoes, it gives this outfit a lighter balance.

I love the scenery here in the Midwest with the bright grass and and farm-like feels. Being out in California all summer I didn’t realize how much I missed the scenery here in Iowa. As winter is soon approaching, all of this grass will be covered in snow and that is an even more beautiful sight to see. Maybe I will be able to capture that sight here in the near future.

Time to go buy some more sweaters and comfy finds to add to my closet this season!