WHAT TO WEAR: Midterm Madness

As the leaves fall, so do our GPAs and with midterm season coming to a peak, taking the extra mile to style ourselves for the day becomes a real struggle. Now while some strut their stuff to the library in baggy sweatpants and hoodies, I find that what you wear effects what kind of work or study mode you can achieve. Dressing for the occasion of studying at the library may sound a little silly but putting in a little effort can actually make the biggest difference in your motivation level. If you’re dressed basically in pajamas, you’re increasing the likelihood of you feeling sleepy or lazy while trying study. Dress smart and feel smart.

Taking this concept into consideration, this Fashionista has styled herself for a chic day of studying. Dressing up to study does not mean you have to dig out anything formal, but simply pairing classic pieces that work effortlessly together to create a classic look. One way you can do this is limit yourself to a duo-tone color scheme. Black is always easy to work with, so this Fashionista began with a base of black. She slipped on her trusty black BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters and a cozy black, ribbed, knit turtleneck to keep the frigid Ithaca wind off of her neck. She even painted her fingernails to bring color to the look; this Fashionista chose a trending but classic tone: camel. Her camel shearling vest brings warmth and color into the look. For double points, she color-matched with her Michael Kors classic tote-shaped handbag. To accessorize, this Fashionista sports a classy, gold watch, studded bracelet and simple white, fingerless gloves.

This Fashionista was an absolute trooper for letting me pull her outside in 40 degree wind and rain to shoot her outfit of the day. She has accomplished the perfect balance between class and simplicity for a A+ worthy study session.