WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Springtime flings turned to long distance summer relationships are probably just as tough as they sound. What might just make things harder is driving out an hour and a half to meet your sweetheart’s lovely mom and dad for a long day out brunching and going to beach clubs. Now, meeting the parents is something that must me done, and it will always be tough to make a lasting first impression; however, the first step to a good first experience is being dressed your best.

I know that much of the time, meeting a crush’s overprotecting parents is often an anxiety-ridden and overwhelming experience. But, my best advice would be to wear something that makes you feel good, because feeling right goes a long way. This Fashionisto successfully sports an ensemble that keeps things conservative and crafts an emphasis on personal style. He preps things up with a short sleeve button-down Ralph Lauren polo. He matches it with contrasting salmon shorts that are light in fit and all around perfect for the summertime heat. He went with the right option of Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes on his feet, which looks cleaner than wearing sneakers, but won’t be trying on his feet while he’s out and about for a long period of time. His classic, polarized Ray-Bans are perfect both for blocking harsh sun rays but also to keep him looking calm, cool and collected, just incase he gets a sudden rush of nerves.

Remember, dress to impress. We know that this Fashionisto has got it down pat and will do great. He does a great job at mixing light colors and fabrics for a breathable summer look that he will in fact withstand the heat in.

One Simple Change: So, the day went well, and it’s finally time for night out. All you have to do is swap the short sleeve button-down for a more casual T-shirt. Then, he’s ready to take on the town with his proud girlfriend and his buddies by his side.