WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

It’s the first time meeting your significant other’s parents. What do you wear? Our featured Fashionista has a stylish outfit that is sure to let them know you are a keeper!

The pair of white jeggings will add a polished touch to your outfit. It’s simple, clean-cut and put together without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Adding to your polished look is a duster jacket with a beautiful pattern that will give the parents the impression that you are fun and artsy.

Adding a bit of bling to her outfit, this Fashionista is wearing a bracelet and four eye-catching rings. The beautiful bracelet was given to her by her mother, and signifies one of the seven days of creation. The gold ring (far left) is her favorite because it was passed down from her grandmother. Both index finger rings are from a farmer’s market, and she loves to stack these beautiful, thin rings to add variation to her style. This Fashionista’s friend gave the middle ring to her, and it nicely transitions the stacked rings over to the gold ring. These amazing pieces of jewelry will let the parents know that you are sophisticated and that you posses great decision-making skills not only in fashion, but also in everyday life.

In addition to the jewelry’s sophistication, this Fashionista’s lipstick adds a pop of color to her look. The shade of lipstick will not only give you confidence, but the parents will also see your boldness through the powerful redness of your lips.

Staples that never fail for any outfit is a simple, black tank top and a pair of sturdy sandals. The tank top goes great with the white jeggings and under the duster jacket. The Fashionista’s sandals, which have lasted for over three years, can be matched with jeans, shorts or dresses. Both the tank top and sandals are wonderful foundation essentials to make your other pieces stand out including the duster jacket and the white jeggings. The parents will find you to be fashionably coherent, and you will ultimately give them an amazing first impression.

One Simple Change: Ready for a girl’s night out after meeting the parents? Switch out your sandals for some cute, black booties. These shoes will ensure that you look 100 percent ready for group photos that you know will appear on all your social media platforms later in the night. You’ll be ready for anything, from relaxing on a rooftop lounge to ordering late-night bites with your favorite girls.