WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

The beginning of a new relationship can bring a whirl of emotions for anyone. Feelings of excitement, nervousness and happiness are good indicators that you care about this person and what they think of you. Discovering a unique compatibility that has been waiting to emerge can make anyone feel as though they have butterflies in their stomach. Initially dating is a delicate time where feelings arise that can lead to something great. Once a new couple feels comfortable enough with each other, the next step of their new phase is introducing each other to family and friends. Meeting the parents of your significant other can be a nerve-racking event. Planning out what to wear, what to say and what to bring to the family dinner can be essential in their opinion of you. First impressions are important and can help determine the direction of your relationship.

This month’s Fashionisto (yes, my first man-inspired article!) features this polished stud. If your significant other is unsure of what to wear, send this article his way. With J.Crew everything, he chose to wear a gray cashmere sweater over a white oxford button-down when meeting the parents. He paired this look with navy chinos and dark brown dress boots. He has on a DW leather watch to make sure that he is on time for dinner. This look is business casual and mature. The contrast in his neutral tones complement each other and express a certain GQ look. Dressing up a bit more when meeting your significant other’s parents shows them that you care about making the right impression. After dinner, he got the parent’s approval with this clean-cut look.

One Simple Change: Like this look but want to incorporate it to you and your significant other’s Date Night? Try replacing the chinos with a pair of dark wash jeans to give this look a more casual feel!