WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

A luxury of college is the ability to date someone without ever having to face the judgment of your significant other’s parents, or at least for a prolonged period of time. One can hide behind the polite and positive bits of information your boyfriend or girlfriend chooses to tell his or her parents, as well as cultivate an idea of how conservative, liberal, strict or outrageous the parents are, gauging how one should act. However, there comes a time in most serious relationships when it is time to meet the parents, whether that be visiting your significant other at home, going out to dinner with his or her parents as they visit their child at your college or even on Parent’s Weekend. You want to impress them, but you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard, all the while expressing yourself. It can be a stressful time and you will want to put your best foot forward.

I do not necessarily condone formal-wear for meeting the parents; however, this Fashionisto paired casual-wear so elegantly with more formal pieces that I think any father would be thrilled to see him dating his daughter or son. His knit vest layered over a collared button-up was the perfect example of how a juxtaposition of casual and formal-wear can work. Staying within a color scheme of shades of blues played up his eye color as well as keeping it fun. Accessorizing with black oxfords that matched his vest helped to bring a sense of cohesion within his look, while his watch and ring, as well as his tie pin helped to elevate the look to another level. His gray peacoat added a breath of a lighter color, helping to keep the look from being too heavy on the eye. His fun, printed socks showed this Fashionisto does not take himself too seriously and that he can poke fun at himself, an important feature in a person.

With this ensemble, any male would have the confidence to walk into a brunch with his girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents and give them the best presentation of himself.

One Simple Change: By switching out his peacoat with a suit jacket and his knit vest with a satin version, this Fashionisto could take his look to a formal occasion, such as a fraternity date night.