WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

When meeting the parents, everyone struggles with what to wear. Is this skirt too short? Are these pants too casual to wear? They are questions that we have all asked ourselves at one point in time. But this Fashionisto has the right idea. By combining a casual yet dressy shirt with some blue jeans, you get the perfect look.

She’s wearing an outfit that says, “I tried my best to look good for you, but I did not over do it,” which is what you want to do. This Fashionisto paired his outfit off with a shark tooth necklace and a watch. Now, everyone knows that the accessories pull the outfit together, which is what his accessories did. The shark tooth necklace gave the outfit a little taste of what he likes, while the watch kept it casual yet dressy.

Not only did he pair this ensemble with a watch and a necklace, he also wore a unique metallic bracelet. The deep blue of the bracelet stood out with the lighter blue of his shirt. Overall, it was the perfect look to wear to go meet the parents, especially at this time of year where you do not want to get overheated but do not want to get cold either. It was a weather-friendly outfit that was parent friendly, too. I applaud this Fashionisto for his amazing outfit for meeting the parents.

One Simple Change: To change this outfit to a casual one, all you have to do is swap the dressy shirt with a casual shirt. You can change into an American flag tank top and keep the blue sneakers and pants on. Remember, the smallest of details can change the whole look of the outfit.