WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Meeting the parents can be nerve-wracking. This is your one shot to make the best impression you can possibly make, kind of like that Eminem song. This is not a want, but a need to look good.

The right outfit can make or break you. Every person who has every gone through the emotional anxiety of meeting the parents knows this. Listen up kids, you can do this. You can put on a fantastic outfit that wows the parents. You will impress your potential crush and you will be great.

This Fashionisto is kicking off things right. His look is very appropriate. My motto is rather be overdressed than under. You would feel way more comfortable and confident around the ‘rents if you put more effort into your appearance compared to showing up in a T-shirt. Our Fashionista chose a nicely fitted dark blue button-down with small polka dots all over. Sure, this shirt is way formal but he adds a casual touch with his khakis. His shoes are brown loafers that are still comfortable but also on the dressy side.

Cool and collected, this Fashionisto welcomes the challenge of meeting the parents in style. His pairing of the button-down and khakis shows that he cares and wants to make a good first impression. Personally, I would prefer whoever I’m taking the time to introduce to my parents to dress up a little. This person is kind of a reflection back onto you; if you’re putting in this effort they should too!

One Simple Change: If you’re meeting the parents in a very relaxed setting switch out the tan khakis for some light jeans and head out for a movie after dinner. What a perfect date night ensemble!