WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Meeting the parents can be intimidating. “Will they like me?” “Will I like them?” “Should I bring a gift?” All of these questions could be running through your mind, but hopefully you’ve got the outfit down. From the array of summer clothes in your closet you scan through the ever loved crop tops to the cutout dresses. And then you see it: something not too dressy, but still sophisticated.

What I like about this Fashionista’s outfit is the timelessness of it. A classic circle skirt can go with anything, anywhere, including to meet the parents. The low-V top is flattering and doesn’t show too much, but still keeps the upper portion of her outfit very feminine. A trend I’ve been seeing a lot around Kutztown are the leather woven shoes; a vintage accessory that some parents might appreciate. These leather woven sandals by Steve Madden put a little contemporary twist on the vintage staple.

This Fashionista also uses a brown leather belt to accentuate her curves and to give the outfit an overall boho vibe. Her dainty accessories leave the outfit feeling put together. So next time you’re getting ready to meet the parents, don’t sweat it. Just throw on something similar to this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with friends after to get dinner and drinks? Change the shirt to something a little more showy. Like this Free People ribbed tank top. The bohemian vibe will flow right into the other pieces and complement the circle skirt and the woven leather sandals look.