WHAT TO WEAR: Lunch With the Girls

Getting together with friends for lunch seems to always be something that’s on the weekly agenda. Between classes, work, and everything in between, finding the perfect outfit for the occasion should be the last thing on your to-do list. This Fashionista put together the perfect casual look to run from one activity to another and still look great at lunch.

One thing I’ve learned is that you can never go wrong with black jeans. No matter what the shape or style, black denim is ideal for any occasion since it’s so easy to dress up or down. To keep her look casual, she chose a low rise pair with a slight slit in the knee, then complemented them by adding a pair of knee-high black boots to her outfit. This combination of jean style and boot height is perfect, since it lets her shows off a little bit of skin while still looking casual. Sticking to a neutral color palette, she added a simple gray long sleeve top to give her room to play around with accessories.

In simple outfits like this, the importance is in the details and accessories. She shows off her personal style by adding a pop of color with her turquoise ring and white nail polish. Jewelry is always a fun and easy way to add personality and color when wearing neutral colors, and nail polish only helps draw more attention to it. Last but certainly not least, her sassy black aviator sunglasses tie everything together while still keeping things fun and casual.

Whatever your day consists of, this outfit is ready to handle it. Start with a pair of black denim jeans then add any solid color shirt; that’ll be easy to add accessories to. With the help of jewelry, makeup, and some fun nail polish, you can let your personality shine through and create the perfect casual look for a get together with the girls.