WHAT TO WEAR: Light Layers for Fall

The weather in Utah went from 80 degrees to 60 really quick, which is fine by me because that means fall fashion can officially begin. Now that the leaves in the canyon have started to change, that means I have permission to break out my favorite fall items.

Fall is the perfect time to layer up lightly, and by that I mean wear a variety of different articles of clothing without the need of a winter coat. Layering lightly is the perfect way to look great and stay warm.

This Fashionista has a killer fall outfit, which has been styled using light layers.

Her first piece of clothing is the hidden striped shirt, which acts as her first layer. The striped shirt is the base for her fall look, but adds a pop with that strong black and white pattern.

Her second layer is this amazing black dress from ASOS. The loose dress overlaying the striped shirt adds a comfortable yet stylish feel for a fall day.

Now that the air is chilly, a jacket is a must. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to put away our favorite jean jackets. Adding a jean jacket to layer is a great way to be warm without the need of a heavy jacket.

Every neutral outfit needs a pop of color, and the magenta tights this Fashionista is wearing adds a lot of of dimension to the outfit. Rich purple colors are great additions to any outfit and it fits right in with the changing colors of the leaves.

The last finishing touches on this outfit are found at the top and the bottom. Adding any type of hat to an outfit can make the outfit feel complete (and warm) this fall. Balancing the weather and fashion is achievable just by adding your cutest hat. And finally, cheetah print. Adding an animal print to any outfit is almost always a must, and this cheetah shoe is the perfect completion to this Fashionista’s fall look.

Just because fall requires a little bit of bundling up doesn’t mean that we have to hide our style. Lightly layering your favorite articles of clothing will make any outfit stand out this fall.