What is your least favourite thing to do during Spring Break; is it taking a trip down to your library and being faced with the inevitable study time? It’s surely not talking about meeting friends and chatting for hours and ending up doing nothing. I’m talking a full-on, day-long marathon study from morning till you cannot anymore, whether you are hitting the library for upcoming research or exams.

Surely you have more reasons to dress up; even though the library isn’t a fashion show, there’s no need you should show up in your pajamas or sweatpants. The key is to find the right balance between being comfortable alongside stylish—after all, you never who you’ll run into.

This Fashionisto, for instance, who l met on the way to the library, just ticks all the appropriate boxes of dressing up for library. You already know that layers are must, as you never know until what time you will be there. Wearing a light tank underneath with a long sleeve shirt and jacket is the perfect combination, allowing you to take off the jacket when you get hot.

While I love myself a good pair of Converse, my favourite part of the ensemble are his trainers. White trainers have been all over lately and it seems not only for the girls. The Nike Air Force 1 are giving to the outfit an edge but still provide you with a casualness.

One Simple Change: Luckily you managed to finish your reading earlier than predicted and you schedule a last minute date with your girlfriend. No worries, because by just one simple change to the outfit, your attire will be transformed in seconds. Swap the jacket with a blazer and the look will be transformed from day to night! And remember when you dress sharp, you think sharp.