May 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

In track, the hardest part of any race is definitely the last stretch at the end. This is where you feel most drained and out of breath. You continue anyway because the finish line is right in front of you. In college, that last stretch of meters happens around this time of year. You’ve been running this long race since September or since freshman year and all you want to do is finish strong. You’re drained and out of breath but you continue anyway because summer and graduation is right in front of you. Most students spend their last stretch in the library, so wardrobe choices, even for Fashionistos, tend to lean more towards the casual and the comfortable.

This Fashionisto wears the perfect library look that is sure to give comfort when studying for hours. He takes a break from the normal button-down and opted for just a plain, cotton, white V-neck shirt. There is really no one to impress when you are stuck inside for hours most of the day. His zip-up hoodie lets him stay in the minimal and laid back spectrum, but instead of being completely casual, he chooses to wear dark jeans with cuffed bottoms rather than boring sweatpants.

His brown moccasins up the level of simplicity and comfort for the library. As any Fashionisto can attest, the shoes you wear for dressing up or dressing down an outfit are key. Moccasins are perfect for the library. His feet won’t ache while on an uncomfortable chair for hours. He can focus more on his studies and projects instead of how uncomfortable he is in what he is wearing.

Follow in this Fashionisto’s choices and choose comfort over exaggerated fashion especially on the last stretch of the semester. It’s totally okay to ditch the norm and wear what you would wear on your off-duty days as a Fashionista/o.

One Simple Change: The library gets too boring and you decide to come out from the cave and give your brain a little break. With the unpredictable weather, it’s too hot for layers. Simply take off your hoodie. Don’t worry, you’re not lessening the comfort factor.