For those discouraging jam packed exam weeks, rocking a school spirited shirt is the way to go. I mean, come on, how can you go wrong representing the school you know and love? This Fashionista has put together an outfit that required minimum brain power allowing her to preserve all she can for the books. The outfit also fits perfectly for anything going on around campus.

Her look shows that she is not only ready for those intensive hours in the library but also school sporting events, tailgates and even those days when you just want to show off your school colors around town. This Fashionista paired a simple East Carolina University T-shirt with a light blue washed denim jacket and a pair of gray joggers. Her gray joggers brought the outfit to a whole new level. Instead of sporting a regular pair of sweatpants, the Fashionista rocked a great trend all while wearing a casual look.

The entire combination is great when you know you will be in the library all day. The end of the semester can be stressful, especially during the last couple of days when teachers are assigning extra assignments and reports. A casual look is a great option when you plan to trek campus all day long en route to the library or even to class. Plus, what could be worse than having to sit in a study room when your outfit’s not comfortable? Wearing something similar to this Fashionsta’s is the perfect way to go ensuring your comfortability and tolerance when sitting over long periods of time.

I thought her add-ons such as her cheetah print slip-ons and gold watch added a sense of individual style to the generic college look. I loved how they both complemented another. The gold watch actually possessed so much character that complemented her T-shirt as well.

One Simple Change: Is there a school baseball game later in the afternoon? Swap your joggers for a pair of khaki Bermuda shorts and throw on a school baseball cap to show your support at the tailgating events beforehand!