As we make our way further into the semester, the piles of textbook readings, essay prompts and discussion questions seem to be growing by the second. This means it’s time to face the most dreaded place on campus—the library. Although you may not think studying equals fashion, making amazing outfits out of your comfortable wardrobe staples can be a breeze!

I spotted this Fashionista making her way towards the library this past week. I immediately noticed how she was able to make her library-appropriate outfit look chic. She paired a basic pair of black leggings with a black and white geometric printed sweater. A great way to add some dimension to an outfit is by throwing in a fun print! If you’re a little intimidated by loud prints, just find one in a neutral color. It’s easier to wear, and it goes with almost anything. On the bottom, this Fashionista wore some of the most comfortable shoes known to man—UGGs. These UGGs, however, ended at the ankle and had small buckle details on the side, which really added something new to the outfit.

Each piece in this outfit builds a fashionable, yet comfortable look that is perfect for studying in. Throw together some of your staple wardrobe pieces like these, and you’ll be set to start studying for that first wave of midterms.

One Simple Change: Heading straight from the library to an internship? Just swap the pair of leggings for a pair of black jeggings (equally comfortable and dressy), and add a pair of riding boots rather than UGGs to make the outfit appropriate for your internship.