WHAT TO WEAR: L’homme Casual

We may be already in mid-August but don’t let that stop you from styling your outfits with bright colors. With men’s fashion being on everyone’s radar lately, I couldn’t help but talk to this Fashionisto about his style and what he could share with me.

He wanted to keep his look very casual and achieved it by rocking a pair of chino shorts that were cuffed up to give them a more personal touch also layering it up with a plaid shirt. This Fashionisto had a color palette in mind playing with blue midtones as wells as that salmon pink tone in his shorts, which was also scattered through the design on his graphic tee. Something that really caught my eye was how he truly showed his love for Levi Brand Jeans with his ensemble.

As we near the end of the summer, the weather can be unpredictable and thus having the chance to layer can also give you more options with outfits such as this one. A simple layer such as a button-down or a cardigan goes a long way. You can wear it, or tie it around your waist for a cool effortless look if it’s too warm out. A layer isn’t the only thing that can really vamp up your outfit. Accessories can go a long way as well to really piece it all together. In this case, his vintage Pilar Espi reading glasses are honestly something to admire and the body jewelry are great ways to show off your personal taste and style. The hat truly helped bring this outfit together. By wearing it backwards, he gives us a chance to admire his face and the detail in his glasses, as well as ultimately emphasizing his casual and comfortable look.

One Simple Change: To change this look from casual to semi-formal, all one would have to do is drop the cap and graphic T-shirt. Keep the button-down, the bermuda or chino style shorts and bring out a vest as well as a different type of hat like a fedora hat and voilà, you’ve got a look you can wear to a date or to a dinner with the family this summer.