WHAT TO WEAR: Let's Hear It For the Fashionistos

It’s safe to say that there are a plethora of women fashion blogs out there. Therefore, I decided that this month’s article will focus on the other gender, so let’s hear it for all the Fashionistos of fall 2016! Along with the fall beginning, the start of school and our Fashionista’s and Fashionistos hopes of not missing that eight am class also begins too. Our featured look is versatile and easy for any male student to wear in a hurry!

Its hard to believe that we are already in the fall season!  Since there are a lot of unpredictable weather days, lots of layers are important for this season. This is my favorite time of the year, especially because of autumn season colors and wardrobe pieces! Some of these fall fashion colors include earth tones, orange, and dark red. To embrace the crisp air, some favorite pieces of mine that are essential for the season include: polos, V-neck sweaters, plain t-shirts, dark wash jeans, colored denim, flannels, dress shoes, bomber jackets, casual sneakers, cardigans, and leather jackets.

This months outfit highlights some pieces that are on my personal list of favorites. Incorporated in the outfit above is colored jeans, a casual T-shirt, simple black sneakers, and a grey and black baseball cap. A maroon and navy backpack pulls together the look with a pop of fall color. Our featured Fashionisto described his look as “the skater boi,” which allows this look to be stylish, yet comfortable all in one. By adding the backpack, a preppy school look is added to balance out the casual feel of the baseball cap.

The best part about this look is that it can be worn throughout the late weeks of the summer, and even in the beginning months of October. No matter what the weather is, this outfit can be changed for weather purposes. A white and black sleeve t-shirt can also be paired with the black jeans. Our featured Fashionisto’s look is one that is sure to be copied around campus.

This featured Fashionisto suggested that not all of the fall 2016 components in this outfit are necessary. But, if you are considering purchasing most of the pieces, it is not essential to make a large investment unless it is a classic piece. Sometimes, a whole outfit can look like its worth hundreds of dollars just by the pieces used, when in reality it is a fifty dollar ensemble. Remember, you can be the trendsetter around campus by using your personal style and stylish outfits!