WHAT TO WEAR: Let’s Have A (Vest) Fest!

So we all know there are nice fall days and awful fall days. There are the fall days when you can wear jeans, a sweater and booties, and then there are the fall days when you have to triple-up on the leggings, wear a poofy parka and throw on earmuffs the size of your house. Yes, I’m dramatic… #HateColdWeather.

Before the awful fall days become more common and eventually turn into a full blown, parka-filled winter, make sure you make the most of the last few times you can wear the cutest fall trend of them all: your vest.

Vests are one of this season’s staple pieces, and the suede vest this Fashionista is sporting makes it even trendier. Why are vests so big right now? Perhaps it’s the ability to wear casual pieces with the over-the-top fashionable layer, or the guarantee of warmth and softness. Whatever the reason, you’d be doing fall all wrong if you didn’t have at least one vest in your closet.

This Fashionista is cozy in her Free People long sleeve thermal top, layered with the cutest Altar’d State suede vest. She wore ripped jeans to give it a more casual day feel, but if she were to switch the look up with some leather leggings, she’d be ready for a night out.

What really ties this look together is her Steve Madden booties. The chestnut color paired with the chunky black heel makes the shoes eye-grabbing. Everyone who sees her knows she’s got it.

So ladies, as Black Friday dawns upon us, you now know exactly what to get: invest in a vest so we can have a fest! But really, over-rhyming aside, vests are great so definitely #TreatYourself and get one… or five.