Winter can be tough when looking good in an outfit, and also being comfortable. For guys it’s usually sweatpants and a winter coat and you’re done, but this Fashionisto shows us otherwise. He has paired different patterns together while layering it with accessories to make the perfect out on the town look.

This Fashionisto pulled together a great go-to winter outfit. He is wearing khakis, a blue jacket from Banana Republic, leather boots from Aldo, checkered flannel, and topped it off with a Christian Dior scarf. This Fashionisto did a great job with layering. He has paired two different types of a checkered patterns, but it compliments both patterns well. Wearing a scarf is great because you can wear it in a variety of ways. The blue jacket is perfect for this outfit because it’s not too heavy or bulky, but still keeps the Fashionisto warm with the wool flannel and scarf. It is the perfect amount of layering.

His outfit is sleek and sophisticated and is great for any winter day. One key to making an outfit all around better is adding simple accessories. Leather band watches are very in. They are a great accessory for both guys and girls and you can pair it with anything. The boots are also great to wear in the winter. They keep his feet warm, but they are also durable in rain or snow. This Fashionisto shows that adding simple things goes a long way.

Hope these suggestions help you find your own winter look. Happy holidays and stay warm!