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WHAT TO WEAR: Lace Up, It's Spring

April 11th, 2017 at 2:05am

Spring is in the air and so are the “cool girl” vibes of Fashionistas on campuses nationwide. It’s the most refreshing time of the year. Toss out those heavy layers and bring in your summer vitals. A little spring cleaning is important for your wardrobe, too.

A 70 degree day is just what a busy student needs. When the sun is shining, we smile more and worry less. This kind of weather means an end to the busy year is in sight, and with a newly updated wardrobe, college kids are ready to check off the last several weeks of classes from their to-do list. Depending on where you live, not every spring day is bound to be hot and steamy. That’s why it’s important to know how to mix winter pieces with your favorite summer essentials.

This outfit proves to be the perfect combination of winter and spring. You cannot go wrong with a plain white T-shirt during weather like this. However, this Fashionista took it up a notch. She added her own spring flare, and we are totally crushing on that front knot. It pairs perfectly with the pink lace-up corduroy skirt, and shows off all of the detailing so that no one misses a beat of this outfit. She ditched the booties for a pair of black lace-up flats. They’re simple, yet chic, and play well with the leather jacket she chose to mix in with her spring go-tos. Whether she’s off to classes or a lunch date downtown, this Fashionista is ready for the spring weather ahead.