WHAT TO WEAR: Jacket Swap

December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Fall is now here, and it is finally time for the best season of fashion. Time to bring out your favorite pairs of jeans, booties and countless jackets! In this post, this Fashionista is going to show how to transform your outfit from preppy to edgy by a simple jacket swap.

Basic, neutral colors are key in this outfit. The staple items in this look include a gray basic T-shirt and a pair of high rise skinny jeans. Add a pair of white shoes and you’re good to go.

Simple accessories are all that are needed in this look. Throw on a bangle, like this Fashionista does by wearing the Cartier bracelet, for a subtle yet classy throw on accessory.

Now here comes the fun part—the jacket switch up. Who knew that by changing just one article of clothing you can completely transform your look? Starting off with a more preppy, daytime look, this Fashionista wears a canvas colored jacket with her basic T-shirt and jeans. This is a great look when going to class, going out for lunch, or hanging out with friends. It is a casual enough look for almost any daytime activity, yet still extremely cute.

The second jacket brings out the edgy side of this look. Time to switch things up. Throwing on a leather motorcycle jacket, this Fashionista now gives off a whole new vibe. Want an edgy, badass look for a night out, but don’t have time to change your entire outfit? Bring your leather jacket with you to school or work for an easy change up to your look. No one will second guess that you were stuck in classes or at the office all day! The asymmetrical zippers all over the jacket make the jacket much more detailed and trendy. A leather jacket is a staple product that is always a good idea to invest in.