WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Finals are coming to end and and summer is quickly approaching. It’s a time everyone looks forward to: weekends at the beach, outdoor festivals and sunshine! Summer is also a time that students get to get out in the work force and gain some experience. Whether you are graduated and looking for a permanent position, or seeking temporary full-time work, you have to dress to impress.

A navy blue suit is much less formal than a black suit, but still has the same professional look. Depending on the nature of the job you are applying to, a tie might be necessary. In this case, an unbuttoned white dress shirt creates a more relaxed look. Silver accessories are complemented by a brown leather belt. The belt is also complemented by brown dress shoes. The final touch to this outfit is a pair of patterned socks. These are an under-rated and hidden gem in men’s fashion. While the outfit is very basic and professional, these socks add the perfect amount of pattern and colour. Patterned socks allow you to add some personality into your professional attire and, in this case, match the outfit perfectly.

If a man has anything in his closet, it should be a tailored suit. By picking a color such as navy blue, it makes it easy to dress for different occasions. Take tips from this Fashionisto and you are sure to make a memorable first impression in your interview!

One Simple Change: In the city and have a date night after your big interview? Bring a striped button-down shirt and a khaki pair of pants to change into. The blazer can be made more casual by pairing it with a patterned shirt and textured pants. Keeping the socks and shoes will keep it dressy and fun!