WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

For all of the business men out there who think they can only wear black, white and gray, I’m here to inform you otherwise. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe, it shows you have personality and are not afraid to take risks. These qualities are especially important when going on interviews; you want to impress the interviewer.

The gloomy skies did not stop this Fashionisto from lighting up Pitt’s campus with his colorful, yet professional outfit. Straying away from the traditional black pants and white shirt, he decided on a brown and blue color palette. This Fashionisto took another fashion risk by dressing up his look with a vest instead of the typical suit coat.

In order to bring the brown pieces to life, this Fashionisto wore an eye-catching blue long sleeve shirt underneath the vest. If you take a closer look one can see a colorful tie laying against the blue shirt. With the vest off, the tie comes to life and really ties (no pun intended) the whole outfit together. The differing shades of blue and brown, as well as the crisscross lines on the tie give the outfit texture.

The final piece of the outfit—shoes. Our Fashionisto kept to the color scheme and wore a classic pair of brown dress shoes. Now guys, if you feel you need another accessory other than a tie, try carrying around a briefcase. It gives off an impression of importance and that you are serious about your work life.

One Simple Change: After a long interview, are you ready to get some drinks with your buddies? No problem, throw off the vest and tie to keep the look dressy yet casual for a night out on the town.