WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

You walk in and see 10 other people giving you a glare. You think to yourself, “Why?” Because all of those other people are going for the same interview as you. You quickly try to find the seat nearest to you, and grab your resume out of your binder. We have all been there. Interviews sure are nerve-racking but with the right attitude and clothing that makes you feel confident yet comfortable, you are on your way to success.

First impressions are everything. The interviewer wants to see someone well put together and ready to answer all of their questions. Luckily, this Fashionisto was not only confident to answer all of his questions but confident in his photos. He wore a gray dress shirt from H&M, along with dark gray pants from H&M and a black men’s bracelet. The bracelet added a bit of his personality. It is important to wear clothes no matter where you are going that define you. Don’t go along with the crowd…ever.

It is a trend to wear a dress shirt with a classy pair of black shoes. Macy’s sure did its part in providing him with a shiny pair of men’s dress shoes with laces. The laces look casual, yet formal, which is perfect for an interview. The brown binder may have not been a part of his outfit, but it sure did look great in his shots. He was ready for the interview, that’s for sure.

One Simple Change: Attending a celebration for a sibling or friend later on? No problem. Switch out the dress pants for a khaki pair of shorts and add a boat shoe. It’s as simple as that.