WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Now that we are almost to the middle of June, many of us are set in the summer mindset. We all have our days pretty much planned from getting brunch and shopping with friends to when we leave for our next vacation getaway. Summer is the time for relaxation and fun, or so we hope. Summer is also the perfect time to get an internship or job when we don’t have to be stressed with school work. This Fashionista knows how to dress for both the summer heat and her interview!

Some may be cautious when it comes to what they wear to an interview. We never want to be over the top with the patterns and colors we wear because first impressions are everything. This adorable black and white printed dress this Fashionista is rocking is the perfect dress for an interview, not too revealing and not too loud. Her nails are the perfect pop of color against the neutral colored dress. Wearing minimal makeup complements the outfit and makes the eye-catching dress not feel overpowered.

One Simple Change: Swap the chic black ballet flats for a pair of sleek black wedges for the perfect girl’s night out outfit! You can add a colored clutch to the outfit to make it more playful and fun. The dress is perfect for transitioning from work attire to a night out with girlfriends; just a quick shoe change will do the trick!