WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Word on the street is that simple is the new black. This Fashionista leads the way with not only confidence but also a style that will make a lasting impression to potential employers. Interviews can be nerve wracking but the worst part is knowing what to wear. Many want to be fashion forward but at the same time be professional and taken seriously. Some are on the fence about being too dressed up or not being dressed up enough. Even though black might be too dull, express yourself with simple jewelry to give it a touch of your inner stylist.

Kicking off this outfit is a black blouse with black high-waisted pants to pull off the sophisticated look she was aiming for. To interviews and special occasions, girls usually play the “beauty is pain” game but this Fashionista effortlessly dressed to impress by still being comfortable enough to seal the deal.

To pull off the outfit, this Fashionista added a pair of strappy heels and jewelry. This is the perfect time to pull your best heels out of your closet but make sure you have a extra pack of Dr. Scholl’s in your purse in case you need it for the way back. My favorite part about this outfit was her way of adding a touch of gold to this all black attire. Layering necklaces this season has been the most popular trend I have seen but just make sure you do not add too much color to distract the employer.

One Simple Change: Whether your interview lifted or killed your mood, don’t let the night die too fast. Make sure to bring a red lipstick to apply afterwards so you can go out and celebrate with your friends for making it through your first interview of many.