WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

So there’s this myth going around that says guys have an easier time figuring out their ensemble than women. Well I hate to break it to you, but that’s not 100 percent true. It may seem like they have an easier time because there aren’t a lot of different elements that go into their outfits like there are for women, but guys can no longer get away with the regular white or blue button-up shirt and slacks. Now, there has to be a interesting tie and, not just any tie, but one with detail or one that matches his eyes (sarcasm). And don’t forget the shoes. No one wants to see a young-looking professional wearing shoes that look like they belonged to his 75 year-old grandfather, especially on your first interview.

This Fashionisto proved he had his interview look down by sprucing it up by adding his own personal flair. Deciding to layer his blazer and pants with two different colors is a color-blocking trend that most males are gravitating towards. It’s more interesting to the eye and, when done correctly, it proves to add a certain element to the outfit that pulls everything together. With a light checkered shirt and a bold gold and navy detailed tie, his look is near complete. The last piece is the shoes. He chose to go with a classic pair of black low-top boots. Generally not the first thought when choosing shoes for an interview, but these shoes are appropriate if the interview is for a job that allows for applicants to have creative reign over their attire or suits the culture of the company.

One Simple Change: Meeting the parents of your significant other for dinner this weekend? Switch up the shoes for a more traditional loafer or dress shoe. When meeting the parents, you may want to play it safe until you win them over.