WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Sometimes, summer does not always promise endless days of sunshine, walks on the beach and chilling by the pool. Sometimes, summer means exploring your potential and possible career paths by working as an intern. No matter how you are spending your summer, there is always a way to make your days meaningful and to dress cute and appropriately for your environment.

This Fashionista is currently working in Central, Hong Kong—a part of the city where the tallest skyscrapers and office buildings reside. She is sporting a chic and work-appropriate outfit that consists of simple black and white colors. Not only does the subtle V-neck of her spaghetti strap top add a sense of elegance and professionalism to her look, but the way that it has a thick black trim at the bottom also helps to create the illusion of elongation by blending in with her black skinny jeans, giving the Fashionista extra long and slender legs. If you have ever had a nine to five job in an office setting, you will know that having a cardigan with you all the time is a smart move. Most offices, shopping malls and clinics have a tendency to put their air conditioner on full-blast, thus a simple cardigan not only polishes your look, but also keeps you cozy when you are in a meeting or presenting your ideas.

Like your clothing, accessories should also be kept minimal and presentable in a working environment. Tiffany & Co. offers a wide collection of timeless accessories that is beautifully designed and appropriate for all occasions. This Fashionista is wearing a necklace from the Atlas collection. Might I also point out that phone cases are becoming a significant fashion accessory in this day and age. This Fashionista is using a marble pattern phone case that goes with both her monochromatic outfit and the color scheme of this metropolitan area. Lastly, the Fashionista is wearing some comfortable nude flats to finish off her smart casual look. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for not wearing heels when you’re trying to catch your bus home during rush hour.

One Simple Change: Want to take a break from work? Drop the cardigan and swap the skinny jeans for a black maxi skirt for an instant holiday vibe, perfect for taking a stroll near the seaside.